Claim your exclusive MESH wearable for Metaverse Art Week 2023… and vote for your favorite MESH cube!


Choose your favorite cube from all 32 cubes in the MESH installation. There are 28 in Decentraland’s MESH plaza and four more in Edifice.

Take a selfie in your favorite cube.

Share your selfie on your favorite social network with the words “Sharing my favorite cube from @MESHfair @decentraland #MVAW23”.

Remember to also tag the artist of your cube. You can find their details here. You can also write why this is your favorite.

Enter your details in the form below. Your vote will be counted on 23rd July and your wearable will be airdropped to you.

Thank you for being a part of MESH!

MESH wearables can only be claimed during Metaverse Art Week 2023,
|| 5pm UTC ā€“ 19.7.23 to 11.59pm UTC ā€“ 24.7.23 ||
One wearable per wallet address and email. Wearables will be sent within one week of the close of the event.

Questions? Tweet @MESHfair